Don’t bury it!

From Stress to the Best

Day after day being stressed out about money, vision, time, and future! I had to do something. If I was going to do it I had to do something great. Have you ever second guessed yourself, your vision, or everything around you? Oh come on, be honest! We have to be honest with ourselves first. Everyone loves to tell the good news never wanting to express the not so good news. Listen God has a way of getting you trust the process. So confessing is one of the most humbling experiences.

After going over my skills that exist inside of me then realizing what I love most…helping people. I was ready then because I’m doing what I love again! Whatever you do; do not bury your what you have. God given talent. The consequences are real. Therefore do not play around. When you do not know what to do. You are stressed out. When the job show they do not value you. Take a pay cut. Give someone else the promotion. Then move from stress to the best!

From Stress to the best helps other small business owners such salons, online, clothing designers, makeup artist, barbers, and more grow themselves through business! We would love to work with you!

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Spinning your Wheels

Have you ever day dreamed about what you want and where you want to be? The sun is shinning and you are sitting in your car about to get out and then you have a flash of a vision of you being successful. It’s an idea! Then you realize you have been in the same position for about 5 minutes. The process begins! You are excited and ready to go. Well you start thinking…how can I do that? Then it’s what will they say? Next it’s who needs that? Finally it’s that will not work!

Then process repeats for years. Well some ideas you do accomplish. For the most part you put it on hold. My question to you is “Are you spinning your wheels of dreaming and not believing, being & doing?”

The greatest achievement is believing in yourself. Once you believe you can become what you believe. Lastly you can do what you believe. Dreams keep coming but if you do not believe you are able to do it or if it is for you then you will keep dreaming and spinning your wheels.

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We out here!

One day I was sitting home trying to figure out my next move. How will I make it through the week successfully. Knowing what I am capable of achieving I still found it difficult to get motivated. After pondering for as long as I could I jumped up and began to get dress. Then left home heading to start applying some of my plans.

It is amazing when we have plans we’ve written down or have in our head that seem not come to pass. When we began to talk to God and listen to him the direction becomes a little clearer. The motivation level kicks in and we know that we are on the right road.

Have you ever felt like you were not motivated to go to work, to run your business, or just take care of personal needs? Or everything you try to accomplish has a lid on it?

Just know our plans are good but his plans are great! When I started doing what I was instructed to do my day began to get brighter. I also followed instructions. Now everything did not happen in one day but I was a little more focused and alert.

My confidence sky rocketed!


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HAIR is one of the most influences in our country. I’m sure in other countries as well but in the US it is a billion dollar industry. The trends throughout the years has caused a major increase in the industry financially. Over the years trends have changed from press n curl to unprocessed hair weave; where we are today. Weave has been worn by every gender, various age groups and most every nationality. Hair loss has caused many reasons for hair weave to be apart of an individuals’ daily routine. Some say due to hair weave hair loss has increased. Making a major impact in the hair industry almost epidemic. As well as making cosmetologist more cautious in hair styles, hair products, and more alert during consultations. Education is a key factor in the hair industry. Therefore professional cosmetologist should stay educated, with the intent to educate their clients.  As professionals are developed, cosmetology school does not end on graduation day. Actually it begins!


by Dawn Mauney





When the table is set…



When the table is set everything is a go. The cloth is ironed, utensils are polished, the food is garnished, and chairs are pulled out ready to be filled. Sounds like an evening of fun and cheer. People are laughing and eating anticipating room for dessert. Oh what a great time to share!

Most families will not have this experience for whatever reason. So let’s be sensitive to one another. It doesn’t matter the age, race, gender, or creed. Be kind to one another. Let’s make a joyful noise through peace and love. If we start then maybe it will spread throughout the world. Are you ready?

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Live in Color!

Gabrielle Calloway

The cosmetic industry since 2002-2016 is a billion dollar industry in the US. The ancient Egyptians used copper and lead ore to create the world’s first cosmetics. The scientifically advanced products of today that can do everything from hide pores and smooth complexions, makeup has been an integral part of humankind for thousands of years. To the point I started looking at old movies to see how much makeup made a difference in each character. I discovered during those times men wore makeup and no one had a problem with it because it was part of the process in television.

In showbiz you had to look the part for the cameras. You were not going to embarrass the director. I began to look at the details of the faces and the hairstyles. Now the hair was not as in tact as the makeup on the some shows. The eyebrows were on point even during those sitcoms. Looking back at Andy Griffin, Goodtimes, Leave it Beaver, and Sanford and Son showed that makeup was important because everyone had some sort of the makeup even the black and white shows. You could see color on the women’s lips or some sort of shine.  Now it wasn’t overwhelming but one character in particular “Florida Evans” on Goodtimes wore heavy eye shadows. Lots of color. I would like to out that she was of a dark complexion.  Somehow women of darker complexion became shy of color. On the show they did not hesitate to show the features in her face as well the lighter complexion women on the show. Not sure how the influence hit the airwaves that darker skin was not popular.

Now that we have embraced all skin color in all arenas beauty has expressed more than skin deep. Just like our companies slogan beauty is “The Look Inside!” We now see versatility on TV, magazines, and everyday. Be proud of who you are and live our loud!

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Look Inside!


When you look inside of your makeup bag you find all the colors, tools, and ideas on how you want to look. This look could be for a moment, a day, or an event. You could be practicing for a major event. Inside your makeup bag you find all the right stuff but oops! Your eyeliner is down to the bare necessity. It will barely go on. “Oh no” you yell! I need to find the I one brought. I know I brought one. Where did I put it? It has to be…. just fill that in because we all have had that moment.

After searching for a moment to get back to doing what you were doing; makeup application. So then you improvise the eyeliner put shadow in place of the color you need. Knowing one good wipe, that’s gone. Nonetheless you continue. Make do is your action. “OMG!” you said while shaking your head. You realize your favorite brush is at work! Now frustration is kicking in because time is not on your side. There again you improvise with another brush. Finally it’s done! You have completed your task. The face is made up ready to be looked upon. “Beautiful” the people around compliment. “You did a great job!” It’s like music to your ears. They don’t know what you know. LOL!

If the truth be told sometimes not having what you need can be nerve racking. Half stepping is not a step at all. I know at least you didn’t quit or give up. That’s true. Let’s flip it. Let’s take a look inside of you. What’s in there? Do you have the right colors which is  love? Do you have the right eyeliner which is your wisdom? Do you have your favorite brush which your character? Are you improvising? Is this beauty or a mask? I know, it got deep. Just walk with me.

Beauty is the look inside. We spend so much time working on our outside and less time on the our inside. Inside is where everything is happening. We think that if we make the outside look good that the inside is not noticeable. We are sadly mistaken. It’s noticeable. Some of us only work on the inside; just as bad. There needs to be a balance. Work on both inside and outside simultaneously. When you stop growing you die! Just like when Jesus noticed that the fig tree had not produced out of it’s season. So he cursed it. The season did not matter because you are alive, you need to be growing at all times. Keep growing from the inside out! We love you all!

Featured in the photo: Sha’yeka Jones

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